Just the Docs Jekyll theme

Every good digital product or service needs proper documentation.

Just the Docs

Just the Docs is a modern, highly customizable, and responsive documentation Jekyll theme featuring a built-in search function.

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Just the Docs features

Modern design

Just the Docs has been designed with a stylish and minimal interface to make navigation easy and your content appealing.

Responsive design

Just the Docs works seamlessly on all devices and adapts the layout to best fit the user's screen size, mobile or desktop.

SEO friendly

Modern SEO practices are built right into Just the Docs. Take advantage of fast pages, meta tags, and take over search engines.

Customize everything

Although Just the Docs works perfectly out of the box but it's also easy to change colors, fonts, spacing, navigation links & links to your socials.

Works with GitHub Pages

Host your site for free on GitHub pages. Just the Docs uses only native plugins meaning it's 100% comaptible with GitHub pages.

Markdown & code formatting

Just the Docs has full markdown support, and built-in code highlighting to make sure your code samples look as great as the rest of your content.

Discover Just the Docs

Every good digital product or service needs proper documentation.

Using this template will help you focus on writing good documentation. Just the Docs gives your documentation site a jumpstart with a responsive Jekyll theme that is easily customizable and can be hosted on GitHub pages because it uses only native Jekyll plugins.

Just the Docs has everything you need to create a modern, clean documentation site. This theme works perfectly out of the box, or as a solid base from which to style and match your brand.