Contact Forms for Jekyll Sites

Explore resources you can use to add contact forms to your Jekyll site to engage with your visitors

Formspree alllows you to create a simple HTML form and, whenever your visitors submit the form, Formspree will handle the server-side integration and simply forward the message to you.

You can use your own fields and you get 1000 free emails every month. We highly recommend getting started with this if you are new to using contact forms on your Jekyll site!

Perks of Using a Contant Form

Explore the benefits of integrating a contact form on your Jekyll site

Using a natively integrated form on your Jekyll site is a much better solution than using something like Google Forms, for example. For one, a natively integrated contact form is much more professional and being able to collect information form your visitors right from your site is a much better experience and will ultimately lead to higher conversions.

Most of these contact form integrations provide spam protection too and, in addition to the entire backend being handled for you, there really is no reason to not take advantage of one of these services for your Jekyll site.